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WP6 – Dissemination and training activities


WP6 is dedicated to dissemination and training activities. The objective of this WP is to inform the scientific community, the CHANCE stakeholders and the general public about the aims and results of the project, and about events organized in Europe related to the topics treated in CHANCE.


Task 6.1 deals with setting up the Communication Action Plan (CAP), involving the development of a project logo and look&feel, a public project website, a general flyer and presentation and other material presenting CHANCE. For internal information exchange between the partners a SharePoint portal will be available.

Task 6.2 aims to maximise impact of CHANCE. The questionnaire that will be used in WP2 will be complemented by additional questions directly pertaining to socio-technical and ethical issued associated with the waste characterization process in view of the final disposal of radioactive waste. The results of the questionnaire will be analysed to investigate if, and how, the objectives for characterization differ between different countries and what type of risk justification and ethical frameworks underlie these objectives. The outcome of this analysis will be used to refine the dissemination and communication strategy (see task 6.1).

Within Task 6.3, a Topical Day gathering international experts will be organised and will aim to assess the state-of-the art of the characterization techniques for conditioned waste. Also a training course will be developed dealing with the general and basic concepts of the CHANCE R&D topics, complemented with specialised modules dealing with the new findings of CHANCE (mainly related to the techniques and concepts developed in WP3, WP4 and WP5).

Task 6.4 will integrate all obtained results within CHANCE into one comprehensive view and state-of-the-art description of waste characterization methodologies and associated developments within Europe. At the end of the project, a synthesis report and/or a series of journal papers will be prepared.


D6.1        Development of the project website

D6.2        Communication and action plan

D6.3        Study of social and ethical aspects of innovative waste management

D6.4        Organization of a Topical Day on waste characterization

D6.5        Organization of a training course on instruments and techniques developed within CHANCE

D6.6        CHANCE synthesis

Partners involved

Leader: SCK•CEN

Contributors: Andra, ENEA, FZK, INCT

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