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Guidelines for application


The CHANCE project (N° 755371) falls under NFRP 7 of the Euratom Work Programme 2016-2017  topic “Research and innovation on the overall management of radioactive waste other than geological disposal” of the H2020 Euratom Work Programme 2016-2017.

It has established a 10,000 EUR mobility fund of which the goal is to support competence building in the specific field of characterization of conditioned radioactive waste (CRW) by means of non-destructive analytical (NDA) techniques and methodologies. In practice, CHANCE will stimulate and facilitate mobility of Master students, PhD students and junior professionals by (i) offering possibilities for cross-border internships, thesis preparations or scientific visits, as well as (ii) supporting sharing of scientific research results at conferences and workshops.

A “CHANCE Mobility Evaluation Committee” will evaluate the applications taking into account the pre-requisites described below and will give feedback to the applicants.

Research topics eligible for the CHANCE mobility fund

All topics related to the CHANCE project as described above are eligible to receive support from the CHANCE mobility fund.

  • The CHANCE Mobility Evaluation Committee will announce preapproved activities in this domain, proposed by hosting institutes, on the CHANCE website for applicants to choose from. These will be updated regularly.
  • Applicants can propose an activity themselves, which must be in line with the goal of the CHANCE mobility fund as stated above. More detailed information about the scope of the CHANCE project.

Who can apply?

Eligible applicants – at the time of application and during the execution thereof – must be enrolled in an academic or research institution in an EU member country, but must not necessarily have a European citizenship. This mobility fund is open to:

  • Master students
  • PhD students
  • Junior professionals


Concerning the proposed host of an activity:

  • Internships, thesis preparations or scientific visits must be hosted by a partner of the CHANCE project, check the Partners-list.
  • Conferences or workshops must receive positive evaluation by the Mobility Evaluation Committee. The Committee will base themselves on the topic and the quality of the event.

Concerning the possible reimbursement of an activity: a lump sum will be determined per activity and per application. The following maxima apply:

  • An internship or a scientific visit: a maximum lump sum of 500 EUR per month for accommodation and a maximum lump sum of 500 EUR for travel.
  • A conference or a workshop: a maximum lump sum of 500 EUR per event.

Concerning the timing and duration of an activity:

  • Any eligible activity should have a start and end date that falls within the project duration.

How to apply?

Applications must be submitted to chance-H2020 [at] sckcen [dot] be. All applications require the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae of the applicant
  • Certificate of education or employment
  • Motivation letter written by the applicant (limited to 500 words)
  • Recommendation letter written by the sending mentor or superior
  • In case of an internship or a scientific visit, a recommendation letter written by the receiving mentor is also required
  • An estimation and justification of the costs related to the proposed activity (travel, registration, accommodation, …)

In case of an activity proposed by the applicant, the following prerequisites are also required in addition:

  • A description of the proposed activity (limited to 500 words)

In case of participation to a conference or workshop or related event

  • The abstract of the scientific contribution the applicant will make

Only complete applications submitted before the deadline of each call will be considered by the Mobility Evaluation Committee.

Responsibilities of the receivers of the mobility grant

Receivers of a grant are obliged to:

  • Submit a comprehensive mission report of their activity to the Mobility Evaluation Committee through this CHANCE website;
  • Acknowledge the support of the CHANCE mobility fund in all publications resulting from the activities made possible by this mobility fund. (“This work has been partially supported by the mobility fund from the CHANCE project which has received funding from the Euratom Work Programme 2016-2017 under grant agreement N° 755371 of the European Commission (H2020).”).

Failure to fulfil these responsibilities allows the Mobility Evaluation Committee to ask and require the applicant to return the received grant to the CHANCE mobility fund.

Responsibilities of the Mobility Evaluation Committee

The Mobility Evaluation Committee is composed of the Executive Board members and is responsible for the evaluation of all applications which are in agreement with the requirements stated above, and for the determination of the grant. After the closure date of a call, the Mobility Evaluation Committee will perform its evaluations and notify all applicants no later than 6 weeks after the deadline. In case a partner in the Executive Board is directly involved with an application (be it a sending/receiving partner, the author of a letter of recommendation, …), that partner will not participate to the evaluation. The Mobility Evaluation Committee is chaired by the WP6 coordinator who makes the final decision in case of non-unanimity. Calls will be made until the end of 2020 or until the mobility fund has been fully depleted.


For questions or assistance, please contact chance-H2020 [at] sckcen [dot] be.


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