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Description of the organization and its main tasks

KEP Nuclear (subsidiary of the KEP Technologies Group) is specialized in nuclear measurements and has a strong experience in the development of Large Volume Calorimeter dedicated to nuclear material and waste characterization. Most of the instruments are used for inventory of Plutonium and Tritium in facilities all around the world for more than 40 years.

The company is composed by engineers and researchers with a large background in nuclear industry, material management, nuclear measurements and research and development. KEP Nuclear’s offer starts from the study of complex nuclear measurement issues to the design and the supply of complex automated measurement lines through the supply of NDA hardware (gamma spectroscopy, passive neutron counting and calorimetry). The engineering team is using recent and performant software tools (MCNPX 2.7.0, MCNP 6.1, TRIPOLI 4-9S version). The KEP Nuclear team is assisted by thermic, mechanical, electronics and software developments engineers from the KEP technologies Research and Development team (which represents 10% of the KEP Technologies staff). KEP Nuclear is actually active on different R&D subjects and is working to build new cooperation with R&D laboratories for instrumentation development (in neutron counting and trapper for tritium).

Role, responsibilities and activities within the Project

KEP Nuclear will lead the WP3 Calorimetry associated with non-destructive assay (NDA) technics and uncertainties study. It will bring its expertise in calorimeter development and will provide a new instrument with an optimized detection limit. It will take part of the experimental program and processing and analysis of the data. The calorimeter will be used by the CEA in Cadarache and by SCK•CEN in a place to be defined. KEP Nuclear will participate to the final report defining new strategy for waste characterization.

Contact person

Christophe MATHONAT

christophe [dot] mathonat [at] kep-technologies [dot] com

Tel : + 33 4 66 39 96 87


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