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Tecnical research centre of Finland LTD

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Description of the organization and its main tasks

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is a non-profit organisation operating under the mandate of the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. VTT has a national mandate in Finland and uses its research and knowledge to provide expert services for domestic and international customers and partners.  VTT serves both private and public sectors. VTT is the largest multidisciplinary research organisation in Northern Europe.

Within this organisation, the metrology department of VTT, MIKES Metrology, is the National Metrology Institute (NMI) of Finland, responsible of developing and maintaining the SI system. The work of this project will be carried out by the Environmental Metrology team of MIKES Metrology. The team's members are experts in applying metrology methods to provide reliable measurement to a wide range of applications. Among those, the researchers in isotope metrology explore novel optical methods for isotope detection to benefit applications in the environmental, medical and industrial fields. Isotopologues of carbon dioxide and methane are particularly studied, with a focus on the radioactive isotope of carbon, radiocarbon, relevant to this project. Experts from the Reactor Physics team will also contribute to the work by bringing their knowledge on handling of nuclear waste and collection of radioactive gas samples.

Role, responsibilities and activities within the Project

VTT will contribute to R&D work on outgassing monitoring in WP5 mainly in task 5.2. VTT will further develop a laboratory prototype for radiocarbon detection based on cavity ring-down spectroscopy. The work will include development of a complete prototype together with the project partners with a system for the collection of outgasses and catalytic conversion of radiocarbon species into carbon dioxide. Outgassing of graphite samples will then be analyzed with this the instrument.

VTT will also lead WP5 on outgassing monitoring.

Contact person

Guillaume GENOUD

Senior Scientist, Environmental Metrology

guillaume [dot] genoud [at] vtt [dot] fi 


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