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Webinar 5/10: 'Calorimetry'

17 September '21

Calorimetry is one of the solutions to estimate the overall quantity of nuclear material on a wide range of mass, from a few milligrams up to kilograms of radionuclides, by measuring the overall thermal power coming from the radionuclides due to the radioactive decay. Up to now calorimetry has been used mainly to quantify raw material (Pu and isotopes or 3H) for inventory purposes.



  • General introduction to the technique: basic scientific/technological premises
  • Developments within CHANCE - including lessons learned and potential future technological developments
  • Presentation by an end-user - who has already used the technique

When: Tue, Oct 5, 2021 - 2:00 pm (GMT 2:00)

Language: English

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