End User Group Questionnaire now available

The CHANCE Questionnaire identifying end-users requirements and methodologies for conditioned waste characterization has been finalised. The Questionnaire can be found here and was created as a deliverable for WP2 and WP6 partners. 

The scope of the questionnaire is to identify: 

  1. key parameters that need characterization; 
  2. technologies/methods commonly used for characterization of conditioned waste; 
  3. waste acceptance criteria applied and the possibilities of their harmonization in Europe; 
  4. specific problematic issues for the characterization of conditioned radioactive waste; 
  5. R&D needs and potential on-going R&D programme on the topic of conditioned radioactive waste characterization; 
  6. potential application of R&D actions to be included in CHANCE; 
  7. socio-technical and ethical issues associated with the waste characterization process. 

Interested parties wishing to take part in the CHANCE Questionnaire are asked to contact the project directly (chance-h2020@sckcen.be) in order to receive the Word template.